Update: The World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

On the 27th of May, Animal Kingdom will open it’s doors to the newest section of the park, “Pandora.” Where we will step into the World of Pandora, many years after the time when the film takes place. This new land will welcome guests to the amazing world of Pandora long after the conflict between the humans and native Na’vi inhabitants has ended.  Guests will become immersed into the magical world of bioluminescent rainforests, enormous floating mountains, and new dazzling experiences. Guests will cross the park’s Discovery River into Pandora. There you will continue along a twisting rainforest path for a first look of Pandora’s iconic floating mountains.


“When guests come across the bridge, they are transferred light-years away, to the Alpha-Centauri solar system and Pandora,” says Jon Landau, AVATAR producer, Lightstorm Entertainment. “It’s an otherworldly, fully-themed experience.”


Pandora carries the same theme as the rest of the park, focusing on discovery through adventure and nature. This will be the largest addition to animal Kingdom. The daytime beauty of the land will transform at night with bioluminescent flora and a breathtaking nighttime experience.


“The Pandora landscape will be alive with creatures,” Rohde says. “We’re bringing to life everything from the largest creature you might encounter to the most microscopic.  Animals will appear out of the underbrush – big Pandoran animals will appear at the edge of the forest and you’ll hear the very complicated calls they issue back and forth.”


Besides the breathtaking scenery that will landscape this section of the park, there will be rides and restaurants inspired from the movie for guests to experience. One of the rides guests will get to go on is, “Avatar Flight of Passage.” The ride launches each guest on a thrilling experience on top of a winged mountain banshee.  Guests will feel the banshee breathe beneath them as they soar through the forest and past floating mountains. This is a multisensory experience for guests seeking the ultimate adventure. It will include a faceoff with the most feared predator of Pandora, the Leonopteryx.


On the family-friendly Na’vi River Journey, guests travel down a river deep into a bioluminescent rainforest. Where guests will float past exotic glowing plants and Pandoran creatures and into the middle of a Na’vi ceremony.  The magical journey ends after we encounter a realistic Na’vi Shaman of Songs. She goes on to sing for guests, a song that sends positive energy to everybody who hears it.


The artful storytelling of this mystical world then continues as guests can stop for food at Satu’li Canteen (pronounced “Sa-too-lee”), a Quonset-hut-style building. This fast-casual restaurant is inspired by the healthful foods of Pandora. Including grains, fresh vegetables, and hearty proteins. Guests can grab a drink at nearby Pongu Pongu.


Lastly, if you are into some shopping after a long day, you can head your way over to Windtraders. A shopper’s dream, where guests can choose from Na’vi cultural items, science kits, toys and more.


I can’t wait to experience Pandora for myself, the authenticity and realism will surely transport us light-years away from Earth.


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