Update: Pixar’s COCO

Coming November 2017, Pixar will release their brand new film, COCO. The movie takes place on the annual holiday in Mexico, Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). This unique story is centered around a 12 year old boy named Miguel, who seems to break all the rules his family sets out for him. Miguel, voiced by newcomer Anthony Gonzalez, is a member of the shoe making Riveras. A family who has completely banned music for generations ever since Miguel’s great-great-grandmother Imelda was left alone by her husband. He left her in pursuit of a musical career and ever since then there has been a strict no-music ban, mainly enforced by Miguel’s Grandmother.


But that doesn’t stop Miguel from pursuing his dreams of being a musician. Ever since he was a little boy he had idolized the late singer Ernesto De La Cruz, voiced by Benjamin Bratt. This love leads him to find out a shocking discovery about De La Cruz. Bringing the protagonist to the grave of the singer, this is where the film should really take off. Miguel goes on to grab the guitar hanging in De La Cruz’s tomb. But unfortunately for him he chose to rob a grave on the wrong day, because it just so happens to be Dia de los Muertos.

When our main character plays the guitar he triggers something that teleports him to the Land of the Dead. There, he comes face-to-face with the same relatives who banned music in the family. Just imagine how upset they are when they see how he arrived there. From that point on we will follow Miguel on his journey through the Land of the Dead, in what should be a thrilling adventure.


The film is directed by Toy Story 3’s Lee Unkrich, who says the film isn’t “a break-out-into-song musical,” but rather, one “set against the backdrop of musical performance.” He also mentioned that they were able to secure an all-Latino voice cast, which is rare in Hollywood. So its pretty exciting to know that this movie will be authentic to the Mexican culture.


source: EW



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