Newly Renovated: Walt Disney World Railroad

As of this week, the Magic Kingdom got back one of it’s most beloved rides, The Walt Disney World Railroad. On January 9th, 2017, Imagineers closed down the attraction to start renovation on the four trains used on the ride. Originally the trains were built between 1916 to 1928, named after Disney legends (Walter E. Disney, Lilly Belle, Roy O. Disney, and Roger E. Broggie). This Disney classic was in need of a restoration effort. The railroad was suppose to be closed for a little over a month and re-opened on February 17th, 2017. Unfortunately, the restoration and renovation project took a bit longer and instead opened earlier this week.   Lots of Disney lovers have been patiently or impatiently waiting for this staple attraction to be re-opened. Well, the wait is officially over and fans can once again ride one of Walt Disney’s elegant trains.

Photo by: DisneyParks

Before his passing, Walt had a vision about putting trains in his theme parks. Although, he wasn’t able to see his vision come to life in the Magic Kingdom, he was the reason Imagineers chose to make a railroad at the park. Walt Disney was an enormous fan of trains, who had a massive track set up in his backyard. After passing away, some of his trains from his personal collection were placed at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. Luckily, Guests no longer have to resort to looking at models from his personal collection , but experience it first hand at the Magic Kingdom. Now for the first time in over two months you can hear the conductor say, “All Aboard!”

Pictured above: Train station in front of the Magic Kingdom. (photo by: DisneyParks)

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