Why Disney Films Rarely Have Mothers

Have you ever noticed that rarely do Disney films have both parents for the main character? From Beauty and the Beast to Cinderella, almost none of your favorite Disney characters go through life without the loss of a parent. Just think about it. Belle only had a father, Bambi’s mother is shot dead, Ariel grows up around a widowed father, Cinderella’s parents die and was forced to live with her stepmother, to name a few. This had a lot to do with Walt Disney’s personal life.

Although, Walt Disney was a happy man and loved to entertain children and adults, alike. He went through some tragic times, none more tragic than the one involving his parents, which he never forgave himself for.


In the early 1940s, Disney was having lots of success with the company and decided to buy his parents a new home. After moving in, his parents began to experience problems with the furnace. So, Walt had some studio workers come in to fix the problem. Unfortunately, for his parents the problem wasn’t fixed and his mother ended up dying. The following day the housekeeper walked in to find both of Walt’s parents unconscious. His father was found barely breathing and was immediately taken to the hospital, but sadly his mother was pronounced dead at the scene. Obviously, this affected Walt as he never spoke about it with anybody, only to touch the subject through his art form, film.

Some say this is just theory, you be the judge…





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