Miami-Dade Officials Propose Hyperloop That Would Connect Miami to Orlando In 26 Minutes

Ever wanted to visit Miami while on a long Disney vacation? Or maybe you are a local, from Miami or Orlando, who wants to make a quick trip to Walt Disney World or vice versa, to Miami to visit the beaches. But it always seems like a hassle to drive four hours or to get on a plane for a one hour trip. Well, it seems like a company has found a solution to all the travel problems to and from these two locations. Soon, Miami to Orlando could be among the first hyperloop routes in the country. The trip will have a travel time of just over 26 minutes. This should be a great step in the right direction for the transportation industry, as it will make tourists vacations more memorable while also bringing more tourists dollars to the State of Florida.

Pictured Above: Proposed travel route from Miami to Orlando

Three days ago, the route was one of 11 announced as a finalists to be built by Hyperloop One, which already has hundreds of engineers working on a prototype. Two or three routes will eventually be selected to be built. Alice Bravo, Miami-Dade director of public works, told The Verge that the route would transport tourists between Miami and Orlando, as well as cargo from Port of Miami for cruise passengers.

Pictured Above: Design for pods transporting passengers.

Unfortunately, we must wait to see if this route will be one of the three selected to be built by Hyperloop One, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. As Hyperloop One has released a statement saying that state and local officials, along with the Florida of Department of Transportation are already working on the proposal.

Pictured Above: Actual test track for Hyperloop One.

We will keep our fingers crossed as we think this is a great way to maximize vacations for tourists, while also making money for state and local economies.

Pictured Above: Design for Hyperloop station at both locations.

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