Apple to buy the Walt Disney Company?

Throughout the last three decades, the Walt Disney Company has grown massively. Acquiring companies that include Marvel, Lucasfilm, and Pixar, which in return made them one of the powerhouse companies in Hollywood. The Disney Company currently stands as the world’s second largest media conglomerate, and now has been the center of a rumor coming out that Disney could be bought out by Apple.


According to a report by Variety, RBC Capital Market’s analysis shows that Apple might have enough cash to pull off a $200 billion-plus buyout of the Walt Disney Company. This would in return create “a company worth $1 trillion with almost limitless opportunities in content and technology,” says RBC.


While the possibilities of what Apple could do with the Disney Company seem limitless when it comes to tech, it might not be in Disney’s best interest to do so. Like I mentioned previously, the Walt Disney Company has already been steadily growing for the last three decades by acquiring the competition in Hollywood, such as Miramax Films(1993), Capital Cities/ABC (1996), Fox Family Worldwide(2001), Saban Entertainment(2002), Pixar(2006), Marvel(2009), and Lucasfilms(2012). If Disney keeps this pace up they are surely to reach the $1 trillion worth on their own in a few more decades, without selling to another company like Apple. Now, if Disney is looking for a quick paycheck then this deal is the route to go, but I have a feeling that this deal won’t happen. I’m sure Walt himself would turn in his grave if he saw the company he started sold to another.



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