The Collector’s Fortress opens May 27th at Disney’s California Adventure

Back in 2008, fans were introduced to the Marvel Universe and over the years have ushered in  different characters, one of them being Taneleer Tivan (also known as The Collector). Known throughout the galaxy as someone who has a vast knowledge and comprehension of advanced alien worlds. Over the decades, he has gathered artifacts and devices that may be used as weapons, including infinity stones.

Pictured Above: Taneleer Tivan “The Collector” in his gallery.

On film, we have seen The Collector twice, once in “Thor: The Dark World” and again in “Guardians of the Galaxy.” In the film, “Thor: The Dark World” we are introduced to him at the end credits when Sif and Volstagg give the Aether (one of the infinity stones) to The Collector to keep in his collection. As Sif and Volstagg leave, The Collector remarks, “One down, five to go.”

Pictured Above: Taneleer Tivan “The Collector” in the end credits of Thor: The Dark World.

We meet Taneller Tivan again in Guardians of the Galaxy, when the The Collector contacts one of “the guardians” with an offer to purchase an Orb containing one of other infinity stones. But when the orb is opened, one of The Collector’s slaves, Carina, touches it, causing a reaction in the stone that destroys The Collector’s entire gallery.

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Imagineers seemed to have thought his story was one venturing more in to, that Disney’s California Adventure park is close to completing the ride. Unfortunately, Disney had to remove one of the most beloved rides, “The Tower Of Terror,” to make the all-new  “Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission BREAKOUT!” Guests will get to view The Collector’s rare artifacts, including his newest acquisition: the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Pictured Above: The Collector’s Fortress

The fortress stands out with colorful details and beautifully crossed piping, but the building seems to have taken laser fire recently. As burnt metal and exposed doors are visible from the outside of the building. Has someone tried to attack the facility?… Explore The Collector’s Fortress yourself when Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission BREAKOUT! opens May 27th at Disney California Adventure park.

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