Real Life Pirates Ask Ransom Money from Disney: Hackers Will Tell Tales

Looks like trouble looms in paradise. The Walt Disney Company Chief Executive Bob Iger has confirmed a rumor that hackers have apparently obtained access to Disney’s upcoming blockbuster film, “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.” The hackers have demanded a ransom and are threatening to release the film prior to it’s opening date if demands aren’t met.

Pictured Above: Walt Disney Company Chief Executive Bob Iger

According to reports from Deadline, the hackers are requesting the ransom to be paid thru Bitcoin or they will start releasing the film online in a series of 20-minute intervals. Although, the thought of hackers breaking into Disney sounds devastating, Bob Iger has commented on the subject saying that they are currently working with the FBI and will refuse to pay the hackers. I mean, Can you blame them? There is no guarantee the hackers will keep their words once they receive the ransom money. I mean after all, they are criminals. However, this is something to look out for, as last month a group of hackers uploaded the fifth season of Orange is the New Black after Netflix refused to pay a similar ransom.



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