Meet Lou: The Next Great Pixar Short

Coming this summer is Pixar’s new film Cars 3, and with it comes a new short-film named “Lou.” Lou, the main character in the film, is made out of a red hoodie, baseballs, and a few other items saved from the lost-and-found box. The film follows the Pixar theme of talking objects in its productions but with its own twist. Lou, directed by Dave Mullins, is a story that involves a school playground creature that confronts the schoolyard bully, J.J., who has been taking toys from classmates. Mullins goes on to say “bullies always want something, and always have a reason why they do what they do.” So, Mullins wanted to explore more into that by incorporating it into his work.

PLAYGROUND SHOWDOWN – A toy-stealing bully finds that he’s met his match in Pixar Animation Studios’ new short “Lou.” ©2017 Disney•Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

According to Dave Mullins, this story is very precious to him for two major reasons. One being that the story hits close to home in that his dad passed away when he was midway through production on “Lou.” The second reason is that this is Mullins first time directing a Pixar short. Although, he served as an animator, animation supervisor, and assistant animator on numerous of Disney and Pixar projects, this has been his first time in the driver’s seat.

Pictured Above: Dave Mullins, Director of “Lou” and animator at Disney and Pixar Studios.

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